In this article we talk about being a Somerset based Marketing Company. And whilst this is true; that we are based in Aller, Somerset, we do provide services for clients across the UK. But we always like to talk about businesses more local to us within Somerset, plus we want to attract more Somerset based businesses so that we can operate on a more personal level. Being local we hope this helps forge a stronger, longer lasting relationship.

As a Somerset Marketing Company or as some like to say Somerset Marketing agency, we provide highly creative services for marketing purposes. Whether this is creative copywriting, illustration or video production. We have the skills to provide a truly creative solution.

And how we work we aim to be as transparent as possible, keeping things as simple as possible. We mainly work following 4 simple steps;

  1. Establish the objective
  2. Research the Audience
  3. Create and Plan a hyper targeted creative campaign
  4. Analyse Results, Assess and Report.

We have put together this simple infographic that helps illustrate our process.

If you are a business based in Somerset and looking for a Somerset Based Marketing Agency then there’s no question we can be of service to you.

As we have no specific products, it means we have no ‘hidden agenda’. We truly want to find the best marketing solution that will work for you. Whether this is making use of social media, local Radio, printed mailings or email marketing campaigns, or a combination of all.

Somerset Marketing Company

We have been established for over 20 years, starting out as a creative Somerset agency working on brochures and various marketing material. Additionally we carried out photography and illustration for clients across the South West. With the birth of the internet we focused more of our efforts onto building websites and online PPC and social marketing, then even more focus was put into Ecommerce, which helped us establish Liquidshop eccommerce.

With our Ecommerce solution now firmly established, supported by a team of highly skilled and knowledgable staff. We have been placing efforts back into Somerset Marketing for local businesses across the South West. Our Somerset based marketing services build upon our in-house skills that have been established over the years. With our years of marketing experience, highly skilled copywriting, and creative illustration skills, we are able to help Somerset based businesses big or small take the next step in their marketing approach.

Marketing Company in Somerset

We are based in Aller, near Langport, Somerset. Prior to this we were based in Yeovil and before that we had offices in Curry Rivel. So as you can see we have been operating in the Somerset area for quite a while, over 20 years in fact as we mentioned earlier.

And ok, you got us, if you have managed to read this far you may have noticed the article doesn’t really go into huge amounts of ground breaking insight into Somerset marketing or for Marketing Companies in Somerset. There are two reasons to this.

Number one is that we created an infographic to illustrate our creative process, this graphic is used when we talk to new clients or anyone who wants to understand how we work as a creative Somerset agency.

The second reasons is to create content that allows us to target certain keywords that we would like to be found for when searching for Somerset based marketing agencies. In this case we have been targeting phrases such as Marketing Company Somerset and Somerset Marketing Company.

It’s early days yet, but once this page is launched we will monitor how well it is being spidered by search engines and then adjust accordingly. We certainly don’t aim to trick the search engine, this is a legitimate and effective way of reaching business based in Somerset that we believe we can offer real value to.

If you managed to find us via a search engine and you used the terms Marketing company Somerset or Somerset Marketing company or similar then if you do get in touch, we would love to know how you found us.