Creative Services

We draw upon our wide range of creative skills, including graphics, photography, video, illustration and copywriting. All of these services contribute to the success of our hyper targeted marketing campaigns.

Creative Ideas.

Marketing campaigns that are successful share well defined objectives with strong creative ideas and execution in order to deliver results. We cover all of these elements, putting as much effort into the quality of our creative work as we do the strategy and execution behind the campaign. We have  lots of ideas and would love the opportunity to match them with your marketing ambitions.

Brand Design

The design of your logo and associated branding influences the way people respond to your business

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The design of your logo and associated branding influences the way people react and respond to your business. We design graphic styles and typography that reflect your desired image and appeal to your target audience. Once a design style is established we develop this through to all of the materials used to represent and promote your business so that you are always projecting a consistent, attractive and relevant message.


Digital Illustration

Creativity is key to making you stand out from the crowd, from storyboards to detailed works of art. 

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Whether your marketing campaign requires a simple sketched art style, or some more detailed finished drawings we have in-house digital illustrations able to create all manner of cool works of art.

Illustration is an ideal way to demonstrate how things ‘could look’ or take a more abstract approach and create a truly unique work of art.

There are many styles that can be deployed, from pencil sketched, clean vector lines, serious 3D or fun and playful cartoon illustrations.

Illustration can be a quick way of creating artwork to use in social media posts, to save organising photography. Particularly useful if a product is still in development and you want to show how it could look. These can be used as ‘teaser’ bits of artwork to get your social feeds buzzing with anticipation.

Social Media Management

Regular posts to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are vital for many marketing strategies.

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The majority of us now use one or more of the major social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. They are often the most-used apps on our phones and an integral part of daily life. For this reason effective advertising for your business via these platforms has become an imperative.

The social media platforms make it easy for you to start advertising with them, and they promote their services extensively via the apps themselves. However, if you don’t know how to target advertising and closely manage budgets you can easily waste significant money on advertising that simply doesn’t work.

The good news is that we understand how to make social media work effectively for you – delivering interactions, followers and sales for your business. Advanced reporting means we can show you the results achieved from the money you spend.

Website Development

We recommend microsites; small websites designed to promote a particular product, service or event.

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A website is often at the heart of your marketing strategy. Even if you are not selling online, it may well be the landing place for enquiries or further information about your business.

The majority of people will now be accessing your website via a mobile device – usually a smartphone. Because of this the website should be designed primarily for a small screen. The content on the landing page must be immediately relevant to the user as you only have a few seconds to grab attention. This need for focus is why we often recommend creating a small dedicated website that is tailored to the objectives of a campaign and immediately draws the attention of the visitor towards your intended outcome.

We call these ‘microsites’, and they are just that – small websites that are designed to promote a particular service, event or idea. Microsites are an integral part of hyper-targeted marketing, and without the clutter or complexity of a larger website, they can focus on helping the visitor through to the intended outcome.

Email Marketing

Hyper targeted email campaigns can deliver significant return on marketing spend.

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A well designed, hyper targeted email campaign can deliver significant return on marketing spend. Carefully crafted messages dropping into an email inbox at the right time are very effective at delivering a response.

We manage the practical aspects of the campaign to include the set up of the mailing tools, GDPR considerations and associated training if required. We design and implement the campaign, then monitor and measure the results to assess performance.


Copywriting & Editorial

The words used to promote your business are just as powerful as the design style you employ.

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We develop a voice for your business to ensure your message gets across, loud and clear, to your desired audience.

Within copywriting the effective use of keywording is critically important for online marketing; it helps ensure you will be found by the people you are targeting. The art is to blend keywords into your text so that it reads naturally and is effective for both the reader and for the algorithms of search engines.

Digital Photography

Either on location or in a studio, we cover an event or capture your product, to help tell your story.

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With mobile phones being common place, almost every person over the age of 5 has effectively a high quality digital camera in their pocket. Whether this means they can take a good picture, that’s whole different story.

Social media has boomed as a direct result of the ease of access to the internet and ability to take photos on the spur of the moment. This has also meant that photography has developed into 2 key areas.

There remains a place for high quality, professional photography where lighting and composition are key and requires a skilled trained eye. But then there is also a place for rough and ready ‘on the move’ snaps that are more about capturing the moment, then being likely to win an award for composition.

We can provide guidance on what photos to take to help grow your social reach, or we can arrange for high quality photography to be taken. Ideal for covering a launch event or perhaps where you want to ensure the opportunity isn’t missed and don’t want to leave anything to chance. Perhaps you have a host of products that need photographing, we can deliver the right service.

Video & Animation

If a picture paints a thousands words, then a video will blow your message into outer space. 

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Perhaps you require drone footage to show the scale of an event, or to show the grandeur of your hotel. Or perhaps a more fun approach to demonstrating your products and services. Or even venture into motion graphics and animation to stand out from your competitors.

The power of video can never be underestimated. Within this world of over-information, you have a very small window of opportunity to stand out and get your message across. Video can do this in spades, and is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO requires an in-depth knowledge of how search engines see the content of your website.

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The setup and launch of a website is simply the first step and will not get your business found. Submitting the domain to Google to ensure the site is being indexed, and ensuring the content is keyword optimised to reach your target audience is hugely important. Done in the wrong way and this work can actually have negative effects.

sSEO,whilst not a dark art like it once was, still requires a detailed understanding of how search engines like Google will see your website. Getting the right balance of content, and keywords that describe your product or service in an optimal way is an art within itself.

An ideal way of dealing with SEO is creating Microsites that target a more focused keyword, product or service, rather than having the main website trying to do everything. Ensuring Google analytics is in place to track and report on the growth of the website is also key and needs to be configured in the right way.

SEO is time consuming and requires an in-depth knowledge of how search engines see the content of your website. During the creation of your marketing campaign, we can help guide you though the optimisation process.

Analytics & Reports

We track and analyse the success of a campaign to make informed decisions for future marketing.

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Every Marketing campaign, whether a simple microsite, social marketing or creative content requires an element of tracking. Understanding where your users are coming from and how they interact with the content gives us a better understanding of what changes to make to improve the success of the overall campaign.

Many strategies need to evolve over the course of the campaign, making minor adjustments based on data, which lead to a greater chance for success rather than making changes on a whim.

We use reporting tools such as Google Analytics and other advanced social reporting tools to monitor and report on the campaign. We then report on this and work with you to make recommendations to help manage the overall direction of your marketing.

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