Using video content within your marketing and creative strategy is just as important as ensuring you include a way to get in touch with you. Video is statistically proven to be far more engaging, as it is easier to digest.

Attention spans on the internet are shrinking, we are living in a world where people love to digest small amounts of information, but lots of it. So video tends to fit this format well, as you can condense what would take thousands of words down into something that takes only a minute to watch.

Additionally video explainers in particular are feeding two senses at once, both visual and audio. This is also proven to massively increase retention of the information.

Video can be produced in many different ways, such as Animated Explainer videos, live action talking head videos, documentary style and how-to videos, or even live broadcast and personal blog style.

In terms of production, whilst the end results should always look professional, there are times that hand held video from your phone ‘on the move’ or casual footage can work equally well. Especially when creating content for social media, where the speed of creating content is more important sometimes than the actually filming quality.

Consumers can forgive a lot in terms of quality of filming if the content itself is engaging. Obviously in an ideal world it is best to always strive for quality across the board, but we are merely highlighting that not everything needs to be an over produced masterpiece.

We have produced our very own short little animated explainer video that explains what we do. This demonstrates both our creativity and approach to creating explainer style videos, and is certainly something we can help you produce within your marketing campaign.