Microsites have been around for well over 10 years, and are not to be confused with doorway pages which were used once upon a time to manipulate search engines. In this article we look at some misunderstandings and tackle the question, do i really need a microsite.

What is a Microsite?

Done well and done right, a Microsite is a powerful marketing tool to provide highly focused content that can be used alongside your main website. Making the content highly relevant and targeted to a specific marketing campaign. It allows you to test markets, test customer engagement and establish content value against specifics. 

It gives you greater flexibility than perhaps your main website may offer. Typically the main website can be covering numerous aspects of your business, making it difficult for some users to find what they want quick enough.

A Microsite removes these restrictions, allowing you to get straight to the point and build real value into a highly focused website.

What is the difference between a Microsite and a Doorway Page/Site ?

A Microsite can be temporary for starters. It doesn’t have to benefit from SEO value, it may be that a microsite is being used to test a specific market with a specific product. Or for an email campaign that targets a very focused subject that differs from the main website.

A doorway site was designed to focus on specific keywords and then funnel this into the main website. It’s sole purpose was to look good for search engines, not the user and was all about driving traffic to the main website.

So, do you really need a Microsite?

The short answer is, no. If you have no marketing strategy in place and you just want to create content for content sake then carry on adding content into your main website. This is absolutely fine and will certainly help your SEO and grow value in your website.

However, if you want to get straight to the point, start to build value in a standalone website for very targeted specifics aimed at a very specific audience. And intend on running a marketing campaign that feeds into this, then hell yes! a Microsite would be ideal.

So there’s no right or wrong here, Microsites are great if used correctly and for the right purpose, this is being done all the time by huge organisations, you probably don’t even know it. HBO for example run a Microsite for the Game of Thrones series, so this is nothing new

For some marketing campaigns we recommend using Microsites as it helps focus in on very specific content which helps with the success of the campaign, and removes the clutter and distractions that often comes from a larger main website.

Give us a call, if you want to explore how Microsites can be used in your next campaign.