Whilst our targeted marketing services do not focus on just search engine techniques. SEO optimisation does form part of what we do. If we are working on a digital campaign and creating a stand alone microsite to promote an event or product, then we ensure this is as optimised as it can be so that search engines such as Google index this well to help people find the site.

As an SEO company in Somerset, and targeted marketing company. We utilise our years of experience of optimising websites to perform well within Search engines. We use a combination of factors to help your website perform well.

We are also able to optimise your existing website, especially if it is in need of updating and has been falling behind in the search engines. Some times the way in which a website is built can have a negative effect on how a search engine spiders and ranks your website.

Somer key factors we consider as an SEO Company optimising your website are:

  • How well does it perform on mobile?
  • How fast do the pages load?
  • Is the content easy to read?
  • Is there enough content?
  • Is the content relevant to the keywords you wish to be found for?
  • Is the structure of your website correct?

Using SEO Company in Somerset as a Keyword.

A good example of how we optimise content is this page. We wanted to look appeal to people who are looking for an SEO company in Somerset. As we are based in Somerset and offer SEO as part of the targeted marketing services, we felt this was a relevant keyword to appear in search engines against.

So when you type SEO Company Somerset or SEO company in Somerset, our aim is to appear within the first few pages. Competition is always high for these sorts of phrases, so we know that adding Somerset in as an additional keyword helps us perform slightly better than a more generic SEO Company keyword search.

It doesn’t just stop there, as one page of ‘keyword content’ isn’t going to set the search engines alight with great results. It takes a lot of work and persistence. More content around the keyword Somerset Company in Somerset is required. More pages linking through to each other and ore content around the web linking back to this website.

We are just at the start of our journey with this page and focusing around this content, and hopefully by the fact you found this page, hopefully from a Google search of SEO Company Somerset, then it means we are doing our job.

If you want help with optimising your existing website or want to talk to use about a more targeted campaign, then get in touch via our website. We’re always happy to talk through your ideas and costs nothing to get some initial advice.