In this fast paced social media world, running a marketing strategy that keeps up with the ever changing trends let alone your competition can always seem like a losing battle. Many articles have been written about how to write great content, how to create engaging content, and what content will stand out. All valid and all important, but reality will soon sink in that you can’t do it all.

So when we say you need to create great content, you need to really focus in on what content is right for you, where is the right place to put this content and exactly who is the content for? Once you know these you can then start think about the content itself.

Great value isn’t necessarily ‘giving something away’ or offering a discount. Value can be seen in many different ways. For example giving useful tips on ‘how to’ do something that is relevant your product or service can be more useful than offering a 10% discount. It may be that your audience has already purchased, therefore a discount has no interest to them, what you are looking to do is appeal to an existing audience and build loyalty. So when you launch an update or new product you already have a user base to market to that have already engaged with you.

This in turn makes the campaign less about selling and far more about value.

Once you know the message and audience, the content itself can be made up of written word, imagery or video. There is no one rule to suit all here, and there is no right or wrong. What works for one campaign may not work for another.

For example, we look at every campaign with fresh eyes, with no specific agenda. From the early discussions and brain storming sessions an idea is formed, and from this we start to think about how best to approach it in the most original and creative way.

Because our focus is on Hyper targeting, we tend to drill down to the absolute, pin pointed audience and content. Unlike wider marketing strategies, which absolutely have their place, our campaigns tend to add little boosts to this, and builds upon an overall strategy.

So in summary, think about your audience, think about the products and services you offer and which suit the campaign, then from this you can start to plan what content is right for them.